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Why theBUTco.?
  • theBUTco. designs activewear + gear empowering girls and women to move.
  • theBUTco. bottoms provide period protection for girls and women and all of our garments (aside from one layer in the bottom gusset) are made from both sustainable and recycled fibres.

• theBUTco. garments are gentle on the skin, breathable, feel cool, dry and absorb moisture and odours.

• theBUTco. products are sustainable and kind to the environment.

What size am I?

theBUTco. offers various sizes to fit both girls and women. Our bottoms should be figure-hugging for maximum leak-proof protection. Sizes are stated in inches. The size chart is listed on each product page in the information section and also under the Sizing tab on the footer of every page.

How does theBUTco. layered-gusset work?

theBUTco. bottoms enable most girls and women to be Bare Under There. Our absorbent gusset is angled to collect flow, ensure stain-free comfort and movability.

What is the absorbency level of theBUTco. bottoms?

All of our bottoms include our built-in absorbent gusset which can hold up to 10 ml of blood/mucus (which is equivalent to one super absorbency tampon or one extra-absorbent pad) which should be changed every 4-6 hours. Our bottoms can be worn alone or with additional period protection, depending on flow and maintenance of leakage.

How do I wash my BUTco. gear?

theBUTco. garments are designed to be machine washed cold with mild detergent, and lay flat to dry. Do not iron, use fabric softener or bleach. Do not dry clean. We also recommend rinsing the gusset in our bottoms in cold water, immediately after wearing.

What is your exchange/return/pre-order policy?

Great question! Click here to learn about our exchange/return/pre-order policy.